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December 16, 2012


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I do not have this experience whatsoever. I have many friends who carry. Most but not all of them are cops. None of them run around brandishing weapons.

Anecdotes make bad policy anyways, as do vast stupid generalizations, like Duncan saying "people who carry handguns are just itching to murder black people."

You're right about generalizations. A cop is a trained professional, so that's completely different.

Maybe I've met a lot of responsible people who carry but I never knew it. It rubs me the wrong way when anyone who is carrying concealed tells people that they are for no good reason.

If I'm armed, I don't announce it. Leaving aside the chance it might make people uncomfortable unnecessarily, I don't want people who will never themselves be a threat to know. The last thing I want is to find myself caught up in a situation that could be defused without bringing the gun into it, and having someone who is feeling afraid to mention that I am armed.

Second, telling people makes you a target for thieves. Making it common knowledge that I have a pistol on me increases the risk someone will ambush me in order to steal it.

Bottom line: a gun is a tool for a specific purpose, you carry it concealed for a reason, and people who go beyond that make me think they have something to prove.

Incidentally, where generally do you live? I was wondering if it's a Philly thing.

Western New York.

"If I'm armed, I don't announce it."

That is key. You probably have no idea if your pizza delivery man, or your taxi driver, or your landlord/rent collector, etc., are carrying. But all of them are in jobs frequently targeted by armed robbers and all of them have good reasons to carry.

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