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March 28, 2011


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I was snowbound in Fargo, ND, about ten years ago. The ticket clerk who took care of me (and very competently also) was a transplanted Philadelphian who told me that the only thing she missed from Philly was Tastykakes.

I sent her a box of assorted Tastykakes when I got home (Fargo is a very small airport). In return I got one of the nicest thank yous I've ever gotten.

My mom used to ship me boxes here in CA when I was in graduate school :-(. Tastykake could kick Hostess's ass around the block any day of the week. Chocolate Krimpets FTW!

We used to wait for my St. Joe's Prep alum roommate's care packages to pillage the Tastykakes and Sweetszel' Spiced Wafers.

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