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January 26, 2011


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I love Jane, but I think she and the others are dedicated to a full-court press to convince liberals that Obama is a false hope.

It's an arguable proposition; to some extent I even endorse it. But once somebody gets a sense of mission about something like that, the tendency is to go looking in corners and crannies for signs of betrayal, to credulously credit rumors, etc.

i thought about writing a post about this. basically for hamster et. al. this is a win-win politically for them. either obama would propose a social security cut and they get to say i told you so, or there would be no proposed cut and they get to pat themselves on the back for preventing it from happening through all their keyboard kommando efforts.


It's faction, not conviction. The 2008 primaries spawned competing Dem groups, and the losing side is just angling for relevance and power in the aftermath. Do people believe their own bullshit? Maybe. Stupidity is usually the right answer unless self-interest is involved, and the self-interest here is pretty obvious.

It's fucking infuriating to think that these people are manufacturing reasons for liberals to dislike Obama. Liberals fighting liberals is as stupid and counterproductive now as it was back in 2008. I resisted all this time posting on this shit, hoping it would go away - and now they've got me doing it. Gah.

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