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December 13, 2010


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...of course not. Hillery would have been too busy trying to shield her heretofore unknown
long term lesbian relationship with a Victoria secrets underwear model from the prying of special prosecutor's investigation into her real estate holdings...

Great Googly Moogly, now I have to go all fact checking on your tuchas.

Yes, Michelle Obama's signature issue is better nutrition for children, and yes, this is a worthy cause, but in order to appease the so-called deficit hawks, you know, the ones who will enthusiastically vote to cut taxes for millionaires, he cut food stamps, because pushing that might hurt, for example, agribusiness is not on the agenda.

So we might have a few less fat kids, but more hungry families as a result.

Why yes, I am sick and tired of Mr. "have to cut entitlements, particularly Social Security and Medicaid". (

I understand that the goal is a good one, and that it a passion for his wife, but this is pretty crass robbing Peter to pay Paul, particularly when Peter is poorer than Paul in this instance, since this applies to school lunches in general, and not just to those who need food assistance.

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