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November 17, 2010


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What a refreshing point of view on the hullabaloo about the search procedures at or friendly airports!

Nonstop cross-continental flights are a FUNDAMENTAL CIVIL RIGHT.

But I still don't see why they have to finger the kids coming home from Disney World.

I gotta say that after watching and reading some stuff about it- I dunno. If I had to let some security chick grope my boobs and feel all around the waist band of my jeans, I'd feel pretty bad-touched.
And the people that I saw being interviewed about how they felt unduly frisked looked pretty average- not like first class poor people hating caviar eaters.

I'm not saying I'd like it, but I don't think that -- in the scheme of things, things in this case being the kinds of searches imposed on people randomly out on the street -- it's as important a liberty issue as the fact that residents of poor urban neighborhoods get pushed up against a wall -- and not in a good way -- daily. And I'm saying that the people who are screeching about this are happy to let that continue, so it's less about freedom and more about "How dare you do that to ME?". So I guess I am saying, let's stop the more serious problem that has existed for a long time and, um, I guess also deal with the airport thing.

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