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November 12, 2010


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"The people who hate and fear American Muslims today are the direct inheritors of those who hated and feared Japanese Americans."

Big surprise that Michelle Malkin is one of them, wot?

Progenitors of hate are the same regardless of the era. They just find new targets but they are always cowards, liars, and bigots.

I've been blogging about this issue here in Murfreesboro, Tn for a few months now, and you nailed it well from a distance. If you had been at the rally in which the anti-mosque protesters marched to the courthouse with their petition (and very inflammatory signs) you would have seen intolerance and bigotry on display. The vast majority of the people here in Murfreesboro find this entire episode unsettling and that it's putting the great people of a nice little town in a bad light. It just takes a few ignorant assholes to make EVERYONE look bad in the national spotlight. Hope you'll stay tuned, we're moving on!

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