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August 31, 2010


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paypal froze my account when i tried to use it from kazakhstan. it was mighty annoying. i couldn't prove that i was me from there. instead they mailed a letter to my home address with a code that i needed to type in to get my account-reauthorized. but, being in kaz, i didn't get the letter and no matter what i did i could not convince them that i was me.

the letter was waiting for me when i got back to the u.s. and just last week my account was finally reauthorized. but effectively paypal was not available to me the entire time i was in central asia, taking away one of a very few number of options i had for paying for stuff remotely. i think if i go back, i will tell the paypal folks in advance that i will be there.

p.s. does google bombing still work?

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