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July 19, 2010


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It's hard to believe this reform hasn't gotten more popular like Obama said it would.

1) Small businesses have computers. Even I, as an individual, could pull a report and know who I paid $600+ in 3 seconds.

2) Are you expensing off $600+ a year in "business costs" for coffee for "clients"? I personally think you should have to provide signed receipts, so a 1099 is actually way easier for you.

Too bad "progressives" weren't advocating for single payer, or we could be pushing the discourse now toward a solution that actually works. Part of the reason single payer would save $350 billion a year is that it would eliminate useless paperwork like this by the insurance companies, who, as Anthony Weiner said, bring no value to the transaction.

* * *

One could also view this legislation as full of bugs, and not features. First, it destroys many small business, and as we have seen at least with the big banks, making big business bigger is a policy that has bipartisan support in Versailles. Second, it provides business opportunities for many parasitical rent seekers, who will "help" small business by filling out the forms, advocating for them with the IRS, handling the inevitable lawsuits, and so forth.

Ah, tired from RL. Features and not bugs. My bad.

This is long overdue. Contractors wouldn't be able to pay workers off the books if they had to report all of their income. This should bring a large part of the shadow economy into the light. It's only fair for those who pay taxes.

Harry Sohl- $600/year works out to $11.50 per week. What professional or sales rep doesn't shell out that much on food and drink for prospective or existing clients every week? Every day? Under the current system, you produce the receipts and you have a valid deduction. Under this proposed change, if you don't figure out who to issue the 1099 to and in the right amount, the deduction can be denied.

Strether - *smacking forehead* Wow, you're right! If progressives had only collectively demanded single payer or nothing, then surely we'd have single payer now. It would have been so easy.

Logically I can only conclude that you are a CPA. One who thinks that small business exists to create financial paperwork for you to sift through. That thinks that it's OK that I will spend hours every day doing bullshit work with no value. Instead of the one 1099 I do now because I purchase goods for resale from companies who go through the process of having invoices to track what we all purchase and resale and the information is already there. The only salvation that I can think of is that the IRS will be so inundated with BS paperwork that they will freeze up under the load. Oh wait congress will just give them more money to hire more people,buy more computers because paperwork is what we produce in this country. Busy work paperwork, that's what we produce.

lambert writes:

or we could be pushing the discourse now toward a solution that actually works.

mithras, immediately, distorts:

then surely we'd have single payer now. It would have been so easy.

Obviously, what I wrote is quite different from what Mithras says I wrote.

What amazes and appalls me is that he can only think people are too stupid to scan upthread to check his claims against the evidence. Well done.

Exactly how does failure - in this case, demanding single payer and failing to get it - push "the discourse" in a positive direction? In the real world, failure in legislative efforts is punished.

How about this for an idea? Maybe loudmouthed "blog activists" could try to convince a majority of Americans that single payer is the way to go, rather than sitting around complaining that some Daddy figure in Washington isn't delivering.

This is great. Now my 1099s will be lost among millions(billions?) of others and I can just ignore the whole tax thing completely!

I'll tell you what will happen: each time a purchase is made, the taxpayer ID number will be requested and a 1099 will be issued on the spot (remember, there's no rule AGAINST issuing 1099s for amounts smaller than $600, and there's no clear rule against multiple 1099s for multiple transactions, because I've gotten those!). The Postal Service will get a fortune in the mailing costs to the IRS.

How about this for an idea? Maybe loudmouthed "blog activists" could try to convince a majority of Americans that single payer is the way to go,

Yes, that's exactly what the Baucus 8 did with civil disobedience -- although they were physicians, instead of "loud mouthed bloggers." Of course, the Ds, and our friends, the "progressives," didn't give them any oxygen, so the word never got out, at least not to places like this. Too bad about that.

So, your model of what bloggers should do is help out with "legislative efforts"? How's that workin out for ya? Not too well, by your own admission in this post. Well done!

Tracking expenditures by vendor is just beyond the ability of most small businesses, not to mention getting and recording taxpayer ID numbers.

What? They can't use EXCEL???

It's not that we can't do the work. It's not that our payments can't be tracked by Quicken or some other accounting software. Or that we can't do a spreadsheet. Most can or could learn.
It's the amount of work involved with no benefit for Anyone. The system we have now works, why do we need to fuck it up by adding more staff and costs to the customer? What is the point?
Oh yah there isn't one. Busywork, that will help the economy.

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