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July 23, 2010


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well the really stupid thing is that under a three year old supreme court decision the EPA is required to institute potentially draconian limits on carbon emissions. they are expected to do it later this year. the cap-and-trade scheme was a way to use market forces to regulate carbon rather than resorting to an old fashioned top-down approach. because industry lobbied to kill the cap-and-trade bill, they are now facing much more serious limits on their emissions. (talk about dumb motherfuckers)

on the other hand, they'll probably just lobby hard to amend the clear air act to add an exemption of carbon from the definition of pollutants, effectively overturning the supreme court decision.

i just can't get over how the supreme court ruling, and the threat it posed to american industry unless the climate bill was passed, didn't get even cursory mention in the debate over the bill.

The audacity of dope.

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