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March 19, 2010


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I don't see this being misused at all, no sir nothing wrong can happen with this.

The fact that a decrepit old coot and a rabidly pro-Israel stooge cooked up this sack of lunacy shows in itself just how likely it will reach Obama's desk for signature. Any larger bill it gets duct-taped to will kill the whole package by default.

I wholeheartedly agree that this bill should never receive more than 2 votes in Congress, McCain's and Lieberman. However, we all know the repukes and the Blue Dogs will salivate over the possibility to show their toughness against terrorists (even if they are only "suspected", not even accused).

But can people please stop the Israel bashing? Just because Lieberman proclaims his love and affinity for another nation, being the homeland to his co-religionists, does not make this bill a "zionist" scheme, nor justify rants of anti-semitism (vis-a-vis members of the jewish faith, as anti-semitism runs against all semitic people, jews and arabs alike).

Pass this bill and start arresting Republican'ts for not approving nominees to the DHS and other high-value agencies, for calling the President a traitor and a terrorist, for all the other thousands upon thousands of things the tea baggers (heh, heh, he said "tea bagger") do that "embolden the enemy" and see how long it takes for supporters of this bill to do a 180.

This is a clear violation of the Constitution. Normally one would expect the Supreme Court to rule the law unconstitutional if passed an used. However, with this court one can never be sure. One must hope the President would veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

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