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February 25, 2010


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I believe that the result of this lawsuit should be a maximum award of $1 to go towards legal costs, and an agreement of the school district to publish it's policy pertaining the use of the cameras and microphones on its computers. I have always felt that having a camera and a microphone on a computer presents a danger of unauthorized observation (spying). I also believe in BUYER BEWARE. these morons should be responsible for protecting their privacy. This violation, if it occurred, and this must be proven, should not present any compensatory situation to the student.

Your cell phone can also be remotely activated. Would you be responsible for not turning it off if the government was snapping pictures or listening in on your private conversations?  The idea that these officials should pay no price is incredibly short-sighted. If there are no consequences for this, what is to deter future misbehavior? It's also chilling that you value privacy so little that it's just worth a dollar. People are sheep.

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