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January 07, 2010


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I understand that 10 students - 6 Black and 4 Asian - were suspended pending possible expulsion. Since none of the victims were suspended, one can assume that Black and Asian students assualted the Newcomer'immigrant students. If this is true,, then Supt. Ackerman may be more than a little correct re: neighborhood battles trumped racial conflicts in this instance. Black AND Asian students attacked newcomer/immigrant students who were also asian.

Finally, during the 1950's thru the early 1970's, Italo-American, Irich-Americans and African-Americans engaged in chronic/persistent racial/neighborhood violence at Southern (South Philly High School)& Bishop Neumann HS and in the community at large.. Those inciedents led to assualts, killings, mini-riots, street battles, etc. Things were so tense that the killing of an elderly Black resident by Italo-American youth ( the man was set on fire) was described by the local papers in non-racial designation for fear of a intercommunal violence. Police intervention was the sole means employed to control conflict.
Whites are now only 9% of Southern's student body (Italo-Americans are only 25% of the South Philly Population). The much smaller Catholic High School actually has a multi-racial/ethnic student body sans conflict.
I think that Dr. Ackerman deserves a chance togeter with the other key players to resolve the conflict at Southern.

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