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December 31, 2009


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i am not sure this is the best analogy. private insurers are not popular anywhere but in congress. The public would be happy to see their elimination now rather than in 35 years. They bring no value. Slavery propped up the economy of the south. Although it is not clear how it would have played in the emerging industrial revolution.

I don't know about your premise. Congress is actually out in front of the public on the issue, given that there are clear majorities for the public option in both houses of Congress. I think there is a substantial portion of the public which favors single payer and a substantial portion who oppose it or any additional government involvement in health care. No one really loves private insurance, it's true, but whether out of fear or ignorance lots of people oppose eliminating it. That's not a bad analogue for public opinion on slavery in the 1860s.

I do agree with you that slavery was the basis for the South's economy, unlike private health insurance, which doesn't help anyone but the people employed by it or own the companies. Maybe you're saying the materialistic motivation of the South made gradualism necessary, unlike here. All I can say in response is, we've been working on this issue for a century and opposition to single payer has been pretty effective so far. I say let's take what we can get now that sets us on the path to eliminating private insurance.

Could I please borrow Tried by War from you sometime?

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