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November 05, 2009


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Hasan seems a mix of the standard disgruntled loner workplace shooter with a bit of last minute Islamist self-justifying facade.

Normally a single bad performance review is enough to kill an officer's military career in the "up or out" personnel system. Doctors may get kid gloves though in that regard due to the heavy financial investment the pentagon makes in their educations. Even so, that bad review had to be a significant career low point for Hasan and - I suspect - the primary reason he was transfered out of Walter Reed.

I'll add more spreculation. When Hasan started weirding out at work - the military's official CI/security channels moved more slowly than normal in part because he was a)a Muslim and b)a psychiatrist.

Hasan may or may not have been harrassed by peers but that's different than opening an official, documented, security investigation where the CO would not want to be accussed of profiling his Muslim subordinates. That has to be justified if an IG or a Congressional committee wants to look at it. Nor are doctors quick to identify their psychiatric collegaue as having mental health problems and being in need of counseling, even if red flag stress behaviors are in evidence.

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