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November 25, 2009


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Reminds me of the old Gahan Wilson cartoon. Two guys are crossing the street in their bellies.

One says to the other, "The cops in this town are really tough."

The pedestrian light has two choices: "Don't Walk" and "Crawl."

"It just seems bizarre to me to think that killing someone is somehow more just and is going to make the victim's family and the public feel better, and that life in prison with no possibility of parole would be a gift to the murderer."

I'm not sure if capital punishment helps some victim's families feel better or not. It's probably a very personal matter in that regard. It gives some families peace but not others.

Capital punishment is a political breakwater against a trend though. The death penalty's existence helps prevent absurdly light sentences for murder from becoming commonplace because without it, we'd have a movement to abolish life without the possibility of parole. Or whatever the maximum sentence would be for 1st degree murder.

Some ppl are just psychologically uncomfortable with punishment per se as a judicial policy and are motivated to mitigate it. That's certainly not all opponents of capital punishment but it represents the motivations of some.

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