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October 01, 2009


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" a day after he had participated by video link from London in a White House strategy session on the war that included President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and an array of senior advisers"

Disagree. I realize the Left is hopping up and down about this but this situation isn't like Adm. Fallon who freelanced his comments to my friend Tom Barnett and was duly fired by Gates, who has zero tolerance for nonsense. McChrystal's appearance to an important audience like that one was something that would be pre-approved by DoD and State/WH, and very likely discussed either at the strategy session itself or afterwards with Gates and Petraeus as to what could and could not be said. I'm very dubious that McChrystal "winged" those comments.More likely he was given talking points by CENTCOM or OSD.

I suspect the WH is having key players lay out cases for different options. Holbrooke is "COIN on steroids nation-building", McChrystal is COIN (really COIN plus Counterterrorism), Biden is Light Footprint-Counterterrorism. I expect somebody, probably Hillary to offer up "regional talks and status quo" very soon.

The reason for all this kabuki is that we have no real strategy for dealing with Af/Pak/India or with al Qaida. McChrystal should be planning a *campaign* within a strategy he's given, he's too junior a figure to devise a strategy for the USG. It's like FDR in 1944 asking one of Eisenhower's subordinates to come up with a war plan for the US to fight WWII.

Okay, that sounds plausible and makes me feel better, weirdly enough. Better to think they're flailing than undermining civilian control over the armed forces.

Hell if I know what the answer is or should be to the question, "What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan and why?" It's a major clusterfuck,

Looks as though McChrystal got woodshedded.

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