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October 12, 2009


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I have to disagree here.

There have been numerous reports, from numerous sources (Google "liberal veal pen") that indicate that Barack Obama's people are hostile to progressives in the Democratic party.

Were this a report in isolation, I would agree, but it's a part of a very clear pattern, particularly when it applies to gay rights.

Obama, and he bears responsibility for the actions of his subordinates, is not just "keeping his powder dry", he is actively working against civil rights initiatives attempted by Democratic members of Congress when they apply to the LGBT community, actively working against any initiative regarding fact finding or prosecutions of those who authorizing torture, and attempting to extend the idea of non-judicial detention put forward by George W. Bush.

I think that the motivation is that Obama suffers from Hubert Humphrey syndrome, because much like HH, President Obama, "Likes to please people too much," as Ernest Gruening told my father.

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