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July 30, 2009


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Oh good! You can still call someone of Polish origin a "Polack".

Proper noun. Sorry.

Buckra shows up in Alex Haley's Roots. I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere else, before now.

"Polack" That is a proper noun? See Clint Eastwood's last movie "Grand Torino". Give me a break! How about calling everyone of Ukrainian ancestry a "bohunk"

What's a bohunk??

Oh, wait. I see. Just a variant of hunkie. Hmm, as is honkey.

Learn something new every day.

An MMORPG I frequent has preemptively banned/censored several words they find to be offensive. While "penis" is not censored, "vagina" is. The oddest one? "grasshopper". Perhaps, in the world of online gaming, one could presume another player might call someone an "asshopper", but how common of an insult is that, really?

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