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May 14, 2009


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he's not "just as conservative." he's much better on union issues.

and frankly, just not pulling specter's back-stabbing moderate shtick is a huge improvement, IMHO.

plus, i primary challenge is good for its own sake. it will make both specter and sestak work to cater to democratic concerns.

i'd rather have torsella. but sestak is better than specter and a primary challenge is necessary just to keep arlen from pulling too much of his shit.

Anyone who runs and wins statewide in PA will be a huge disappointment. Sestak won in Delco but to win in, say, Altoona he'd have to be even more conservative than he is. He'd be foolish not to play the unions the same way Specter is.

He'd be foolish not to play the unions the same way Specter is.

huh? specter has played the unions extremely badly. in past years they would support him no matter what. that's not true anymore. with his EFCA shenanagins, specter has basically pissed all that goodwill away. a lot of labor leaders are anxious to punish him. even if he ends up voting for the bill. he's already being blamed for forcing a watered down version to be passed (and that hasn't even happened yet)

sestak would be foolish to play the unions like specter has. but then, he's not trying to kiss up to the club for growth crowd (like specter was when he was trying to head off a toomey challenge). he just doesn't have any reason to do it. altoona is more conservative than the philly metro area, but even the conservative areas of the state have a strong labor presence.

You have a point. Casey is pretty good on labor issues. And Specter flipped on EFCA not to make the unions chase him with money and support but as a last-ditch effort to save the GOP nomination.

On other issues, though, Sestak is more conservative than, say, Casey. He's not a progressive by any means. And in any event, he's not stupid: He's not going to give up his House seat in order to run against Rendell's endorsement and the state party's wishes.

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