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April 25, 2009


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You're wrong here Mithras.

Napolitano is not going to make it two years. Politically tone deaf, unsuited by experience for national security issues and has a habit of speaking off the cuff when she does not know what she's taking about.

There was nothing wrong, analytically speaking, with saying that combat veterans are attractive targets for recruitment by violent extremist groups. It's the truth. The emphasis though in terms of threat assessment needs to be put on the violent extremist groups, not on hundreds of thousands of veterans who honorably served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

What shouldn't be done is write a sloppily worded a report(I read it) that a layman ( or reporters) might be led to see veterans as a potential threat, and then release it to the press. Vets are going to be justly irritated by the implication. Then if you throw some low ranking USG employee under the bus in order to take heat off of yourself, you compound the error.

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