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March 11, 2009


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"[C]onsider l’affaire Freeman the first conspicuous salvo in the effort to sabotage the Obama administration’s outreach to Tehran." While Chas Freeman was anti-Israel by standards of the national security community that does not translate into being pro-detente with Iran. The Saudis, with whom Freeman has some association, are second only to the Likud in their opposition to a nuclear Iran.

Freeman would have likely been a moderate Iran-skeptic, not that the NIC would have been a determinative voice on this policy, which is not just about nuclear proliferation ( though that is the high profile issue)

Tne Israeli Lobby disliked Freeman for his position on Israel-Palestine

Interesting. Well, you actually know what you're talking about, unlike me. But this raises questions: Are the Israelis and the Saudis coordinating their policies on Iran?

De facto, yes. For some years now.

A nuclear Israel is no threat to KSA as both states are US allies but a nuclear Shiite Iran makes the al-Saud very, very, nervous.

Yeah, I can see why they would do that. I knew they and the Bahrainis covertly cooperate with the Israelis on economic and other security matters.

Still, Iran's leadership has made a political linkage between its regional ambitions and the Palestine-Israel conflict. I can see why someone would think that an American official who was interested in taking a less pro-Israel position on the second would also be less hawkish toward the first.

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