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February 13, 2009


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The exercise of good judgment will generally keep most people safe -- don't deliberately make factually inaccurate statements about people, don't wholesale copy other's work, etc.

The biggest problem may be the cost of defense. Part of why people are so comfortable driving and inviting visitors to their home is that their insurance policies will cover the cost of defense.

The same isn't necessarily true of bloggers, who can be swiftly submerged by the costs of defending a defamation or copyright suit. One recent example was the frivolous Jones Day v. Blockshopper suit, which just settled after Blockshopper plunked down $100,000 in defense costs.

Some homeowner policies arguably cover suits arising from personal blogger, though I'm unaware of any cases actually ruling on such an issue, and people should presume it doesn't. The only explicit blogging insurance I know about is offered through the Media Bloggers Association. Here's their press release:


Whoo boy. I need this guide. I can be too impulsive with my posts.

Oh dear, someone thinks I should be sued.

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