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February 02, 2009


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Since when do you get 2 trolls and I get none consistently?

recognize that?
first, let me say I'm not visiting you to be a 'troll'. I don't visit rubber hose for that reason either, it just seems to have worked out that way.

I originally communicated with Noz on Strata-sphere where he made several comments which I commented on. He invited me to his site. When I first went there, he actually tried to have a dialogue but it didn't take long for him to realize that he was attempting to defend himself with both hands tied behind his back. first, he was trying to defend liberals and democrats, and as you well know that was a lost cause. and it didn't take long for me to realize that he is brain handicapped. Since it appears, from this blog, that you are from the Philly area and frequent his watering hole, you must know him so I'm not revealing any major secrets to you. Every discussion, his argument was always that 'i just don't understand him' that 'i must not know what he is saying' all that kind of crap. Then it degenerated to 'he feels sorry for me because I can't understand him'

well, suffice it to say, the problem is that either he's not capable of making a comprehensible argument' or 'he's arguing a known lost cause' and is frustrated and want's to imply that it's all my fault. If you have read his blog for a while then you know that he no longer leaves it up to others to decide for themselves, he immediately jumps when someone comments on one of my comments saying that 'they don't know me and I'm just trying to cause trouble and he feels sorry for me, etc.' Well, it's not my fault that he's degenerated to name calling. I feel sorry for his mom, having wasted all that time, effort and money trying to raise and educate an idiot. I shouldn't say that, he may be a nice guy, just can't help himself.

But, back to the subject, I didn't come here to be a troll. I read a couple of your posts and they seem to be good posts, nothing certainly that I could argue with. I will not insult you as long as you don't insult me. If you're a liberal, I'm sorry, but I will respect your opinions as I would ask you to respect mine. One thing that makes this country great is that people have the freedom to have an opinion. Some people,, such as Noz doesn't respect that and for some reason clearly displays his hatred for America and the American way of life, even tho he doesn't seem to mind benefiting from it.

anyhow, have a nice day.

you asked for it, mithras! LOL!!!

I don't usually insult people unless they make very dumb or offensive arguments. Anyway, I think you're wrong about noz. He's probably the most reasonable blogger I know of, because he really does stick to logic and what is probable. He's a very, very smart guy. I do read his comment threads quite a bit and I agree with him that you don't seem to always grasp the argument he's making. Maybe you just have such a different set of assumptions about the world that inherently his arguments would make no sense to you and vice versa. I don't know.

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