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January 15, 2009


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I'm leaning to late Friday, since Monday is a bank holiday.

I am certain he will ensure that the pardons get delivered, whatever the hell that means, in time to forestall any efforts to revoke them.

Wouldn't want to make the same mistake twice.




He keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over redundantly repetitively once more again.

It's a wingnut thing.

I honestly do not know how "fed up" I can get without actually exploding, but I think I shall find out over the next four days.

he missed his best chance already. he should have done it yesterday when that plane landed in the hudson. it would have required him to act fast, but the plane thing still is dominating the news headlines today.

Anyone know where you can find a pool to bet on high profile pardons? Pardon Pool - it's like fantasy football for wonks!

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