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January 13, 2009


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"Conservatives like to hype the threat of the ideological bent of liberals, but the fact is, it's projection"

The guy was a nasty S.O.B. but I have a tough time buying that 98 % conservatives in the DOJ section *after* his tenure was spoils system but the 100 % liberal personnel *before* his appointment simply represented the natural order of things. Just consider the odds of that likelihood.

Remember, this is a hard-core wingnut who is classifying these people as "liberal." To a committed wingnut, everyone who isn't hard right is a liberal, loathsome, and contemptible.

In this case, pretty much everyone in the Civil Rights division before Scholzman got there would have been someone who actually believed in having civil rights laws. That would automatically classify them as liberal troublemakers to a doctrinaire right-winger, regardless of their actual beliefs. For all we know, half of them might have been hired by Bush 1 or Reagan, enforcing the civil rights laws because that is what traditional conservatives do, enforce the laws instead of subverting them.

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