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January 15, 2009


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George Washington,

Sounds like something right out of "Alice in Wonderland"..hmmmmm!!?

oh come on, none of those cases, Berg, Orly, Lightfoot and the rest have any merit and the world knows it, nothing but conspiracy nonsense. Alito skipped the meeting cause he is an ass, nothing more.

Alito is a TRUE Patriot. Apparently he is the only Justice who understands and admits that BO is ineligible to serve according to our Constitution. I believe he will have nothing to do with BO because of this. I support him wholeheartedly!

Alito should not have been at this meeting, as a matter of fact with numerous cases before SCOTUS regarding Obama, none of the Justices should have been present. It is completly unethical! But, then again, that just about sums up our country these days. Sure, many of you are willing to over look the Constitution now (with Obama not being eligible and please do not be ignorant and tell me that Factcheck, Snopes, and Dr. F from Hawaii is where you get your information) but if you can dismiss one part of the Rules of this Land then all the rest are void as well. So, cheer now for your usurper and cry later when you get what you deserve!


Whether one believes a case has merit or not, is irrelevant. I would be a embarrassed, if I were you, for even suggesting this as a reason to not follow correct protocal! Under your reasoning a society would suffer utter chaos!

Your friend

Congratulations to Justice Alito. He displayed high ethical standards by not meeting with a man involved in a Constitutional Case he is considering.

How would you like to be appearing before a Judge that has lunch with the other side?

Let's get real here people. Look up the word ethics.

When walking on Capitol Hill, Alito has said, he crosses to the far side of the street whenever he nears the Senate Office Building.

One needs to steer clear of snakes--wise move.

Alito exercised good judgement in not atttending the meeting; wouldn't that have compromised any future cases involving Obama, the fraud, with undue influence, conflict of interest, or at the least unethical, unprofessional behavior of a justice?

Alito did not attend the meeting because he knows and has read the evidence against O in the many cases against him before the Court. Among which are the following facts not being reported on the O-loving media:

1) One Requirment for office of president, in Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 of the US Constitution is that you be a natural born citizen.

2) According to Emmerich de Vattle's, Law of Nations, Book I, chapter 19, paragraph 202(212), "a natural born citizen is one born in the country, the parents of whom are citizens of that country."

3) Barrack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetero) natural father is Barrack Obama sr., and at the time of Barry's birth, was a natural British subject.

4) According to British National Act, Barry was a British citizen at birth.

5) Mrs. O before the birth traveled to Kenya to visit the home of her new husband.

6) Mrs. O gave birth to Barry in the Hospital at Mombassa, according to O's African Grandmother's testimony two 3 individuals, affidavidits and recorded on tape

7) INS documents put Mrs. O re-entering the country 6 days after O was born, claiming a newborn child boy.

8) According to the US Naturalization law of the time, Mrs. O could only bestow American citizenship to barry if she was at least 18 years of age.

9) At the tiem of his birth, Mrs. O was 17 3/4.

10) Ergo, Barry was born a British citizen, not an American citizen.

11) Ergo Barry fails to meet the 2 necessary conditions for being a natural born citizen: (2 us parents) and (born on us soil)

12) Barry was adopted by his mother's second husband, Mr. Soetero, a citizen of Indonesia and thus became an Indonesian citizen

13) Barry enrolled in a Franciscan School at Jakarta at age of 8, and his parents declared that he was an Indonesian citizen

14) Barry never applied to become a naturalized US citizen

15) Barry never applied to have his name changed back from Barry Soetero to Barrack Hussein Obama

16) Barrack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetero) is not eligible to be president of the USA

17) BHO has committed the biggest fraud in the history of the world and of the USA, worse than that German who faked being a member of the Rockafellers and pretended to be a US citizen for some 30 years, and who was accused lastyear of kidnapping his own daughter and taking her to Baltimore.

18) The laugh is on the liberals, who supported O and gave him so many millions of their hard earned money.

Hahaha. You mindless robotic sheep make me laugh! You just don't get it do you? Alito snubbed Obongo because he knows the truth about this fraud, and Was the only one with the balls to do so!

The usurper is ineligible! Wake up America!! He should be tried for treason and deported!

All will be revealed!!

Amen and Amen. :) Prayers, praying for the TRUTH to come into the light for all to see...Amen. :) I am thankful for all those who have worked so very hard to bring this "secrecy" out. :)

Justice Alito may be our only honest SCOTUS in the whole nine justices. It sounds as though he can't be bought. I admire him so much. Justice Alito, thank you for your integrity, and caring.

How could this happen? I can't believe our congress has let us down like this. Do we have a viable constitution anymore? Do we count anymore, except as the money making power for the elites? Where is our place in this society now? Should I be afraid?

I'm sure the last few Preznot Shortbus loving posters got their ethics all in a wad when Scalia, Thomas, and O'Connor didn't recuse themselves in Bush v. Gore.

Okay, I'm not. I was just funnin.

If they did meet with Bush, when the Gore case was pending, that was unethical as well. Which speaks to, just how many of the SCOTUS are ethical????


There are some seriously disturbed humans commenting on blogs lately.

See the 6-10 comments above.

This Alito thread is powerful wingnut bait!

"Amity is overrated. I prefer grudgeholders sometimes, in all honesty."

One must, it is true, forgive one's enemies. But not before they have been hanged.

- heinrich heine

Lord help President Obama having to deal with so many whack jobs.

Simple conflict of interest he is the only sane judge there none of them should have met with o&B because they have cases against them can you say trying to sway a federal judge in your favor it was totaly wrong for any of them to meet with him tradition or no tradition

While there are cases pending against Obama, Justice Alito should be congratulated for not meeting with him. Surely there is some conflict of interest in Chief Justice Roberts meeting in private with Obama while these cases are pending?

Stand up, Americans, and send the usurper back to Kenya or Indonesia or wherever he came from. If Obama sits in the Oval Office as president, we're all in trouble!!

well if the cases were serious and based in law not conspircy theories of dubious origin..then yeah but these things are just silly and a waste of time for a few whack jobs, and con artistes fleecing the gulible few who buy them.


Just a thought for you to think on smmou812,
Hope it's not to draining...
If indeed Obama has nothing to hide, then why has he spent upwards of $1,000,000.00
sealing this information and defending himself! If he is eligible then show the $12.50 vault birth certificate and put this all to rest! Why have Kenyan officials sealed their hospital records??? If he wasn't born there..then what would it matter???
You people are the ones that are acting like the lemmings..jumping off the cliff after a thug and usurper! Wake up and think for yourself! Quit following blindly..ask a few elementary questions..You will be surprised at what might come to light!
As for me and mine..we are free thinkers and common sense has shown us the great inconsistancies and the direction this craziness will lead us all in!

Your friend

Wow, a lot of crazy people in this world. Oh well.

yeah they're crazy, but its a funny kinda crazy. you go crazy girl! All hail President Obama!


Hey guys/gals... You should "change" hail to heil...sound a little familiar????


"All hail President Obama!" ????

That sure is scary! Lord save us from the abomination and those who blindly fall on their knees and worship an empty suit.

Heil Jesus!

LOL fairflight you never fail to give me a chuckle you little cutie. Do you have your prozac lined up for tuesday? And what happened to you and Capt Moron's website? I like to read it over my morning coffee (better then newspaper funnies).

Maybe Judge Alito is waiting for Barry Soetoro to produce:
• Your Occidental College records
• Your Columbia College records
• Your Columbia Thesis paper
• Your Harvard College records
• Your Selective Service Registration
• Your medical records
• Your Illinois State Senate records
• Your Illinois State Senate schedule
• Your Law practice client list
• A Certified Copy of your original Birth certificate
• Your embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth
• Your Harvard Law Review articles that were published
• Your University of Chicago scholarly articles
• Your Record of baptism

Barry Soetoro is a fraud! And his "followers" are just stupid!

well at least we voted for the guy who won instead of a loser. ah im just kidding, i love ya really.

I love the fact that I live in a country in which such stupid people are permitted the right to vote, speak and hold public office. This truly is the land of opportunity. looking at me? :]

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