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December 19, 2008


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Aside from the crowd reaction, security will be so tight that an abrupt hand gesture will get you tackled and cuffed if you are within 1000 yard line of sight of the podium. The Secret Service and DHS will be primed for massive overreaction on the premise that no matter how bad their goof in roughing up somebody by mistake, they will be commended for vigilance anyway.

I recall walking around the the front of the White House and Layfayette Park after that guy flew a plane into the White House and another nut on the sidewalk had pulled out an Ak-47 or other semiautomatic back in the Clinton years. The roof of the WH and nearby buildings had snipers watching my and every other loitering tourists' every move. The kidding around was pretty much over at that point.

Chance of the Secret Service allowing another "thrown shoe" incident at the innauguration - about 0 %.

Mithras, did you not get the memo? Sanity is not part of our political discourse.

Booing just sucks, whether or not the boo-ee deserves it. Ugliest sound in the world, and all it does is swing sympathy to the one getting shouted down. A chilly reception beats a full-throated pushback any day, especially with an attention whore like Warren.

I'm new to giving a shit about politics (always been a junkie, but never really cared until Bush), so maybe the people-powered people know something I don't, but it seems to me you win by turning your opponent's face red, not your own.

But hey, if these cats want to embody the kind of flailing impotence that's characterized (unfairly, I thought) leftist activism for as long as I can remember, well, okay.

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