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November 27, 2008


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Barack "Middle of the road" Obama will disappoint people on both political extremes. That's the reality that all non-moderates must accept....

"Elizabeth Warren. What about progressive businessman Leo Hindery, of the Horizon Project? How about Chris Dodd or Barney Frank or Robert Reich? Hell, what about George Soros?"

Robert Reich is qualified, experienced and confirmable.

Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are hacks. If Geithner is tainted by the crisis then so is Frank.

Elizabeth Warren is a lawyer and not an economist, though she'd be useful on the arcana of regulatory policy, that not really what Treasury Secretaries do. More suitable pick for SEC, FTC or similar agencies.

Soros probably could not pass the security check, financial disclosure or conflict of interest tests (low bar that last one is). He is in any event, totally unconfirmable and even if he was, Soros would be regarded with hostility in many G-20 states.

Not familiar with Hindery.

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