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November 27, 2008


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Great thumbnail sketch of modern American conservatism! Of course, the 'real', 'authentic' conservatives began to jump ship about two years ago and in recent days are falling all over themselves in an attempt to distance themselves from the crack-up. Although, it is difficult to see a new ascendency that would commandingly recapture the political summits again, I think they are far from done - the blood lust, pleasure of obstruction and demonization of the 'enemy' is the group's high. They do not need to accomplish anything out of power anymore than they had any real desire to govern while in power. Holding back time and vandalizing the present is the right's raison d'etre. There will be no bipartisanship, just the biding of time for future ambushes. Endlessly. We can only hope that they have warn out the public's patience at long last and that politicians like Obama are thinking at a much higher structural level so that they are not sucked into the manufactured morass that is the main product line of the GOP.

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