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October 31, 2008


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In the next few hours, I'll be calling you out on this post, because it's wrong.

Not the, "George W. Bush without the intellect," part, but the, "I hope this woman is a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination in four years," part.

As my father has noted, his quote in 1968 was, "Those stupid bastards nominated Nixon, there's no way we won't win now!"

Jesus Fucking H Christ on a pogo stick. Are you kidding me? Can we impose some sort of civics test on anyone running for federal office? What's her oath of office going to be, she swears to uphold that thing that those guys wrote about protecting people's rights to own guns?

So help me, Jesus, the one and only true American God. *wink*

Your snarky putdowns of Sarah Palin ssy more about your own ignorant bigotry than they do about her. How many of you have been Governors of your state? How many of you have achieved what she has done in two years as Governor--bringing billions into the treasury, putting $1200 into each Alaskan's wallet and negotiating a $42 billion pipeline that will ease the energy crunch for the lower 48 states? Yeah, I thought so. Until you can match Palin's record, keep your snide putdowns to yourself.

How many of us can see Russia on a clear day? You're so right.

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