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October 25, 2008


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Politicians are sometimes formed by a signal defeat - as Bill Clinton was when he was tossed out of the Arkansas governor's mansion after his first term - and Palin would return to a state that had made her America's most popular governor and where her image as a reformer who swept aside her own party's insiders rings true, if not in the cartoon version the McCain campaign presented.

I think Alaska realizes she isn't the reformer she claims to be. Besides, I think even the Republicans establishment in Alaska(if they hate her as much as she claims), will try real hard to take her out in 2010. I guess they also forget TrooperGate. Hhmmmmm!!

Here's another issue that no one wants to talk about. Sarah Palin is 44, and she's had 5 kids. Four years from now, she'll be 48, eight years from now, 52.

Sad but true, lady: as soon as your looks start going, there goes the Joe Sixpack vote.

Sarah Palin is the Katherine Harris of national candidates & not to be taken seriously. I know, I know - she is a reactionary with extremely dangerous ideas - but she has about as much chance of winning the Presidency office as I do.

The true object of our fear & loathing should not be the cartoonish Shrilla from Wasilla, but the wide swath of America that thinks that she represents the ideal national candidate (I saw a PBS poll a few hours ago that had her within two points of even on the question "Is Sarah Palin qualified to be US President?").

Palin will go the way of all failed conservatives (multiple divorces from cancer-stricken spouses, $1000-a-week prescription pill habits, pedophaelia and workplace sexual predation, and finally an anchor spot on Fox News), but her supporters will still be among us - to me, THAT is the scary part.

Oh PLEASE, B'rer Republican, don't go nominatin' that Sarah Palin in 2012. Us Democrats can't compete with that!

God, how I pray that she's the Repub nominee in 2012. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!!!!!!

Another thing McFail didn't vet her on: apparently she has a history of ditching her patrons when it's in her interest. That's the real source of her maverick rep.

And I hope she runs in 2012- I want to see the coyote run over the cliff again.

Palin/Bachmann in 2012! That's sure to wrap up the independent women's and PUMA vote. Add in the millions of smitten MILF Republican men, fantasy gamers who respond to strong mother figures, and Christianists who (wink, wink) get it. Roll out solid support by righty keyboard commandos shooting sparks whenever the distaff team appears on TV and beltway boys and girls who know that deep down Republicans are honorable and just lost their way due to bad advice and I'd say the GOP has a shot in 2012. Unless Obama is, say, a good President. Then the GOP is screwed for a generation.

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