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October 22, 2008


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if there are so many volunteers in philly what do we need street money for?

And to those volunteers, my eternal gratitude. Never before this year had I donated DIRECTLY to a presidential campaign. I feel my sacrifice, insignificant as it is, is fully dignified by the Obama '08 campaign. (Talk about ROI!)

Best of all, we're not afraid to wake up in the morning to Today Show segments on how OUR candidate blew $150k worth of campain dosh on a Neiman Marcus shopping spree...

Walking is soooooo hard. My legs get sooooo tired.

if there are so many volunteers in philly what do we need street money for?

In no particular order: Because you use every tool that helps to win. Because there are some wards where people have been organizing for the party since before some of us were born, where outsiders from the campaign who show up for one or two weekends will not be as effective as, say, in center city. Because ward leaders want it, or else they won't help, and will make a stink about it. Because street money is a pretty important source of income to unemployed or marginally employed workers in some poor neighborhoods. Because we need Bob Brady to help, and it makes Bob Brady look good to let him announce that street money will be paid. Because the campaign is out to win the election, not reform Philadelphia politics. Because there is no reason not to. And because we can afford to pay it.

for the burbs, you rent a car at 6 am, redline it until the polls close, return it, and take a cab to the after party.

If you think the suburbs are bad, try the exurbs, the ones with all those hills. Obama volunteers are out working the exurbs on bicycles.

Bicycles? Ouch. Thank you for what you're doing.

Did this outside Reno in 2004. It was gruelling. The area has mobile homes parked in large lots, maybe 1/2 acre, in a relatively hilly area.

We had some Chicago DFA guys come out on the train for the first time last summer for Scott Harper (IL-13). Somehow they wound up in precincts out in Warrenville in horse country. Literally 10 acres of horse pasture between homes. Luckily the driver, our state committeewoman stayed with them and they got it all done. Now I meet them at the train station in Westmont with packets and water ferry them to more walkable neighborhoods nearby.

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