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October 16, 2008


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i think it's funny that the mccain's designated everyman might be prevented from voting because of a GOP lawsuit that is part of their voter suppression efforts.

That would be funny, but I don't think so. The lawsuit is to get lists of no-match voters sent to Republican county officials so they can prevent new registrants from voting. I can't see a Republican challenging Joe Asscrack.

" an effort to uncover the secret link between him and McCain just distracts from the issues and makes us look as creepy as Michelle Malkin shadowing Graeme Frost's poor parents."

Agreed. Thank you Mithras for taking that position.

I'm told that DailyKOS published "Joe the Plumber's" home address. If true, that's not far removed from anti-abortion nuts posting pictures of doctors who perform abortions and implicitly inviting the unstable haters in the audience to draw their own inspiration. Let's hope that "Joe" doesn't have any kids at home if someone ill-motivated comes calling.

This behavior is exactly what I meant by the use of the term "Obamaniac" the other day.

Yeah. It's unfortunate. I'll be curious to see if he receives any threats, though.

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