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September 10, 2008


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I would have suggested the Disney Hole, but upon reflection I'd prefer it to not be at street level.

I am sure the street entrance will be a prominent feature, with escalators. It will be different than walking off the street straight onto the casino floor.

You've also got the news that a conversion of the Boyd theater to an entertainment venue and attached hotel is a potentiality. It's not the same exact location but stretching that entertaintment zone from old city down to Rittenhouse Square is becoming more and more realized.

I'm not so sure. The problem with Market St between 6th and City Hall, I think, has largely to do with the decision made way back when to put a large indoor mall in the middle of things. So now instead of mixed-use street-level retail and restaurants--as you get from 6th to Front--we have one giant building that seems to stretch for about 5 blocks with large department stores that makes you feel like you're in a strip mall. The dining is pretty much restricted to foot courts inside the mall.

Putting a casino in the middle of that seems likely to exacerbate the problem. I'd rather see the area redeveloped organically into smaller units for shopping, eating, drinking, etc. Just like you now find in Old City. Totally walkable and pleasant, except for the hordes of tourists and the somewhat olde-timey Disney feeling (which would likely not extend past the 6th St Independence mall area in any case).

I'm with you. This is a much better location than the riverfront, which can now be developed into an integrated space with that portion of the city.
I agree that the stretch of Market St they are planning to inhabit will benefit as well and I think this could also help the Convention Center out too (which won't hurt the casino folks either).

Looks like a winner to me.

Ah, Z, but remember what Old City was like before the Gallery was built!

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