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August 08, 2008


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That's hilarious! I did the same thing about a year ago, but didn't get a ticket.

It was a friday or Saturday night and Loren and I drove into Old City (don't ask- bad idea!). I circled for about 5-10 minutes before finding an empty spot on the north side of spruce or lombard or one of those. Both sides of the street were packed, but when I came back to the car 2 hours later (movie) the south side of the street was still packed, but I was the only car on the north side.

They had all just been parking in a lane! It looked like I just stopped the car and got out in the middle of traffic! That's also when I noticed the no parking anytime sign.

No meter maids caught me though.

How long have you lived in the city? There are always little asides and allowances. Like the hunting allowed(to those in the know)on city property. The citations that never appeared on my PA official matter where I parked. The mayor's paramour getting unmetered water.

I lived across from a Catholic (boyraper) church that held multiple Masses. After each, an officer would direct traffic. Nothing was official. The officer was "on patrol". But given the vastly advanced age of most of the parishoners, I was happy that the officer stopped traffic on Rt 422 until the LOLs and LOMs drove away. It sure beat the nasty accidents.

There are always little asides and allowances.

Yes, I know, Mold. The point of the post was that this custom changed rather abruptly and in a way that I found unjust.

That's a pretty good photo you have there - maybe you could 'shop yourself a "permit". Just please, please, please put "Church of Satan" where it says the congregation name?

Already on it. :)

Heh, we want pictures :-).

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