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July 27, 2008


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Mithras, that is in fact, unbelievably sexist.

Is it sexist because it's objectifying the woman? Because in a mainstream sense, I can see that, but some kinky sex involves objectification or demeaning treatment as part of the fun. It's not demeaning in a true sense because both, er, all, participants are into it; it's, again, fun, a game, role playing. Role playing, especially around issues of control and power, are often a part of sex, even non kinky sex or the kind of kinky that has become pretty mainstream (e.g. handcuffs).

Is there an assumption that this woman isn't liking it? That guys number 1 and 2 are using her for their own pleasure? Because that idea could involve some sexist assumptions in itself. (Or is it that she can't be enjoying it if they're not doing it hard enough to spill the beer? (kidding!)) And I've got to think that whatever person number 3 is doing is pretty much all about creating pleasure for the woman.

I have to send that to my g/f, because she is going to laugh her ass off at that one.

Great ad. And like aquagirl, I agree that jamelle shouldn't assume the woman part of the sandwich isn't having a wonderful time.

Quite a few women like threesomes, at least from the ads I've seen over at craigslist.

Objectifying? Yes. Sexist? No.

Quite a few women like threesomes, at least from the ads I've seen over at craigslist.


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