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May 04, 2008


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kind of makes you sick when here in philly we have cops getting blown away in broad daylight by ak-47's. where does it stop?

I had a (pretty conservative) friend in law school who used to say, under original intent, the second amendment allows everyone to have a musket. In other words, one can support the second amendment and also oppose the manufacture and sale of handguns. I also note that I believe the photo to be of a rifle, not a handgun.

Just when I start feeling sorry for Hillary, I see shit like this.

It was an SKS, not an AK. Get your carbines-with-high-capacity-magazines straight. There will be a quiz.

If you wait long enough, everything turns to farce. Check the update.


Who the hell do they think they're kidding? This looks EXACTLY like something the NRA would publish. Sheesh.

I hope this gets a little play in the corporate news just so he can start calling her Annie Oakley again.

As a North Carolina voter said to me this morning, "I'll bet that if he gets in, that Rev. Wright will be in the White House the next day." I have to say I would hope so.

Also, if there were ever a couple of politicians who switched from one side of an issue to another based on political expediency, they are Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Those two seem to be sharing the same campaign staff. Maybe the Repubs will have a McCain/Clinton ticket in the fall.

Ditto the "just when I start feeling sorry for Hillary . . ." comment.

I generally like Cole, but he's been suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome for months.

His comments are silly. The envelope art was likely put together by a graphic designer who was given a rough sketch of what was wanted, found a piece of clip art of what he or she thought was a "generic" rifle, then flipped it horizontally in Photoshop to fit the layout. I fail to see what the big deal is.

It's like a group, say, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, creating ad graphics with the image of a wrecked car. A bunch of car geeks start ragging on and on about how the headlights that look like a 1997 Honda don’t match the body shape of the wrecked car, which is clearly an Lexis. Obviously, MADD doesn’t know a damn thing about cars like real Amurr-cans! And using an eee-lee-tist car like a Lexis shows how out-of-touch they really are with REAL mothers who’s children were killed by drunks – who mostly drive Chevys, not snooty furr'n cars like a Lexus!

Look, criticize Clinton on the issue itself, or the intent of the ad, but this "inkblot reading" of the art layout of a mailer is ludicrous.

Well, you city-bred latte-sipping elites should have more of a clue about weapons...or hire those that do. Any local hillbilly has favorite drivers, beers, and guns. Even I, a sipper of imported beers for decades saw the ad as proof that anti-gun idiots need to do their homework.

May faves are Sig-Sauer and Glock. Both fit my grip and hold up well to stress.

The NRA audience is very informed about weaponry. If you left your roachy loft with the crack hos, you'd have figured this out....snark...

Gee, if you don't like guns, fine. Don't do ad hominem that really isn't germane. Most NRA members can spend hours debating the finer points of firearms. This includes bullet weight, powder type, casing choice, and trajectory.

One of the reasons that BushCheney haven't made things worse is the sheer number of citizens that are armed and can quite easily drop them at distance. Read the Second again and ask if that is such a bad thing.

geez, doesn't this just prove Obama's "bitter" statement? I think what he said was along the lines of when things get bad, people cling to their guns and vote that way when it isn't in their best interests.
You gun people are stupid. You'd vote for a guy who puts you into poverty as long as you could have your precious gun.

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