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April 19, 2008


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Don't worry about not paying the bribes aka "street money" -- they didn't pay in St. Louis either and they took St. Louis handily.

Considering how much the machine of PA Dem politics is owned by Clinton allies, I think that keeping Clinton to a ten-point win would itself be a victory. If Obama actually takes the state -- which is not out of the question -- Clinton would be insane not to quit the race.

One thing I've noticed is that the Clintons have been so dishonorable lately that their attacks are being discounted by the public. If the Clintons say something nasty, it's hurting them more than it hurts Obama.

Bill Clinton has diminished himself in my eyes, thanks to his comments during Hillary's campaign. The two Clintons have given me plenty of reasons to support Obama. I don't need no Dem candidate who just repeats all the GOP talking points. She seems to be going for repub votes, but forgets that is not very useful in a Dem primary.
'Nother thing -- time to update the Philly photo. Just sayin'.

I remain hopeful that Obama might be able to pull out a win in PA-- or at least make it close enough that it'll look like a loss for her.

It's only anecdotal evidence, but I drive around Pittsburgh for a living and the Obama signs/stickers outnumber the Clinton signs 4:1. I've also met more than a few former Clinton supporters but not a single former Obama supporter. So I think Obama might have Philly and Pittsburgh in the bag, the rest of the state? Can't say.

Also, just heard that Monday night Obama is going to be on the Daily Show. Following the taping he's coming to Pittsburgh!!!! Wahoo!

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