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April 07, 2008


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Just like the death of a loved one, coming to accept that your favorite candidate is going to lose takes time.

Which is odd, in a way. I mean, as a progressive Democrat, I have a great deal of experience in knowing my favorite candidate was going to lose...

Which may be why it's so emotional this time, in part. Because supporters of either Dem candidate are not irrational in thinking that this year it's different, this year we can reasonably expect to win in November. If that makes sense.

Yeah, I was just about to post that very thing. When we lost, we were united. But when we have had success, we split into factions. For example: When Atrios came into his own and started being taken somewhat seriously by the the MSM, we had people complaining that he wouldn't link to them, or post about biofuels or whatever their favorite subject was. And when we won Congress back in '06, there was heated disagreement about whether we should back conservative Dems like Bob Casey, because any Dem was better than any Republican, or oppose anyone not sufficiently pure, no matter how conservative the constituency? (I guess that gives away my opinion.) Similarly, as you say, now the Presidency seems like a lock, there are those who have become violently opposed to people who should be their friends, at least ideologically. I'm not a shrink, but I think these people are perpetual adolescents who revel in feeling oppressed and only are only happy when railing at the injustice aimed at them personally, so they have to invent some when it doesn't exist. The easiest way to do that is to antagonize others enough that they will fight, since a fight is all they want. So we shouldn't engage such people. In short, DNFTFT.


Hmmm- NAFTA destroyed the unions in pennsylvania and the dreams of our fathers. The mills sit empty with the lost dreams of the children.
Foreign interests cam in and bought our mortgages.
Now, united we are!! Vote for Change
Send the message to Clintons- NO MORE!!

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