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April 09, 2008


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Then there's this
( interpretation (could be particularly entertaining while under the influence of fever/narcotics)...
Hope you feel better soon!

You could at least have put a spoiler alert above the cut, jeez.

All of this sounds rather fascist.

Hope you don't have what I have had--I've been down for almost a month. Last night was the first night I haven't awakened with either a cough or the sweats.

Have you watched Mel Gibson's Hamlet? It's really well done and different, as Gibson does not play Hamlet as a complete and total wuss.

My younger son and I watched it when he was about 13, and, although we had to spread it out over two evenings because it is so long, he really enjoyed it. And for a 13 year old to groove on Hamlet is quite a compliment to the movie.

Natch, the movie was made before Gibson went totally bonkers.

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