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March 21, 2008


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The "next move" for the Clinton campaign is to continue what they are doing all the way to the Convention floor. Actually, I expect a major ramping up. For the Clintonites, it will be " The Worse, the Better!" (which is good news for my side as we seem to be unable to walk and chew gum in the last couple of years).

If a crippled Obama wins the nomination after a divisive battle, he could very well lose to John McCain, who, given his age and following 8 years of Bush would be very unlikely to be re-elected in 2012. Hillary would still be a viable "winnable" candidate for the presidency then.

Obama has the potential, in terms of political talent, to be an easy 2-termer if he can win the general election which would leave Hillary in 2016 at 68 and memories of her husband's presidency 16 years old - ancient history and the Clintons politically finished.

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