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March 31, 2008


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A primary battle on the issues would be great for the party, but what we have is Hillary Clinton bashing Obama personally, making McCain's future campaign videos for him, and cuddling up to Scaife, Murdoch or anyone else with cash. This is not good for the party, it reinforces the myth that all politicians are whores and there's not a real difference between the Dems and that "centrist maverick" McCain.

While certainly we should have a re-vote or at least a caucus in Florida and Michigan to add some legitimacy to the process, the fact that the Dems HAVE super delegates demonstrates that their primary process is rigged from the get go. If the party wants to throw off the right-wing attack squads, then the super-D's should abstain on the first ballot and then the whole convention should choose a candidate who has not even run in the primaries - that would really throw the right a curve ball.

As it is, we will probably get an Obama nomination, but with a large percentage of Democrats unhappy with either the process or the result, a media infatuated with McCain perpetrating the myth that he is some kind of experienced centrist, and a loss in November.

It's time to focus the entire party on November, show the country that McCain is a dangerous, unstable, radical neocon and hammer him into the ground.

Isn't "we're going all the way" maybe a slogan that a Clinton would want to stay away from? Granted, wrong Clinton, but still...

Yes, Hillary should stay in. It's ridiculous to say she should throw herself on the sword of party unity. The same argument could be made for Obama. Well, Hillary actually won Fla and Mich and he could avert the brewing crisis if he withdraws...

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