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February 12, 2008


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It's probably better at this point if Clinton doesn't mention Obama in her speeches after he beats her in primaries. When she still saw herself as the presumptive nominee, it was easy to be gracious when Obama won in Iowa and SC, because she was still going to be the nominee, and being gracious in defeat looks presidential.

Now that she's falling behind, maybe her not mentioning him is an act of discretion - better not to mention him at all then to mention him and possibly sound less genuine.

I'd suggest they quit trying to play nice with each other and just slug it out - everyone knew McCain and Romney despised each other, so no one expected graciousness.

I'd suggest they quit trying to play nice with each other and just slug it out

She would if he would, but he won't because he's the Kumbayah candidate. If she attacks again, he'll just deflect it and appear to rise above it, which is what he's been doing all along. If there is anywhere she can push him, it's in the debates.

If I were advising Hillaryland, I would say run against Bush hard. Those would be criticisms everyone would enjoy. It would also give her the chance to imply that Bush's enablers in Congress and the media will not simply roll over because we elect a charismatic who claims he can bring people together - in other words, we'll have to knock heads and bust balls, and you know who does that best.

Did anyone else know that, in her book Living History, Hillary referred to herself and her staff as Hillaryland? I find that rather creepy.


Perhaps in context it comes across humorously. But on the face of it, it connotes a certain level of - to use a term applied in a similar context recently - cultishness. Like Hillary's organization is a foreign country with its own laws and language. I find the overtones disturbing.

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