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February 15, 2008


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That would get every politician in the country divorced within six months, because they would try to make every family conversation sound like a stump speech.

Michelle Obama: How was your day, honey?

Barack Obama: It was a rising tide of hope, cresting on a wave of opportunity to bring people together for a common goal and honey...honey? (sound of door slamming)

And without a safe place to deliver obscenity laced tirades about his opponents/fellow Senators, John McCain would suffer a fatal aneurysm within three weeks.

A feature, not a bug.

Gordon Bell, founder of Digital Equipment (DEC) has been recording his life for a few years now, with an automatic video camera around his neck. Minor technical improvements could capture sound as well and upload in real time to a web site. Sounds like a wonderful requirement for all those occupying federal office; essentially "The Truman Show" for everybody in government.

The only downside I see: Arlen Specter naked.

Democracy isn't pretty.

No, democracy is beautiful. Arlen Specter isn't pretty.

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