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December 29, 2007


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The 'face' argument essentially repeats the Bush campaign theme in 2000. They had no chance of sustaining an argument that Bush would make a better president so they ran with this idea would make a nicer president. It had worked for Reagan so they thought it might work for Bush.

It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now.

I doubt Bush hit the White House with detailed plans to build an empire of torture and lies. He hit the White House with a total inability to understand the issues or procedures and made himself an immoral puppet to every wingnut with access.

The record for electing nice presidents is unhappy.

Yeah, his 3 years in the Senate has prepared him about as well as Bush's 6 years as governor.

3 years in the Senate might count for a lot if he'd done something with it. FDR had not actually spent a long time in office before he won the presidency, but his record as governor of New York was stellar. Ditto Lincoln in his single term in the House.

actually, obama's record in illinois is pretty stellar. at least it is in my humble opinion. he was a state rep back when i lived in chicago and always ended up being on the most progressive side of everything. i think he's spent most of his three years in the senate preparing for his presidential run, and he clearly has handlers who are telling him to run to the center rather than emphasizing his record in illinois. i'm just hope that if he makes it to the white house, he doesn't get changed too much in the process of getting there.

I will also say a kind word or two for my junior Senator.

First, while Mr. Obama sort of adheres to a great deal of what I would consider to be Leftist nonsense, he is both intelligent and relatively open-minded making decisions based on facts as much as the current party line. That puts him head and shoulders above his senior colleague from Illinois who is about as bright as a ten watt bulb.

Secondly, a good friend of mine who has serious street cred with me knows the Obamas socially and vouches for their character.

Thirdly, in my one interaction with Obama's senatorial staff, they were clearly on the ball when dealing with me as a constituent. Unlike the staff of my Congressman ( Hastert) who were horribly inept.

Fourth, by Illinois standards, Obama has clean hands. Not easy to do here.

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