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November 15, 2007


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some philly neighborhoods ARE IN A state of emergency....hell i want to see national guard troops on the streets but they were all sent to iraq.

this whole thing is a cycle....the police feel very vulnerable and powerless....and who wouldnt....the good people in the neighborhood feel very vulnerable and powerless....and they are....the thugs feel completely powerless....and they pretty much are.....which is why they have guns.....everyone is shouting at each other and nobody wants to give an inch.....lets just build more prisons and search everyone and every place for illegal guns....put them all in jail....screw the nra and screw the aclu....and screw the unions the prisons with unemployed non union labor....people from the streets.....and put the crooked cops and politicians in the prisons first....let them warm the place up and get it ready for the street thugs.

and then lets use them for medical research and find the cure for cancer.

no matter what it takes.

go michael nutter!!!!

go flyers!!!!

Ramsey's appointment is troubling, but the sense I get in my neighborhood is that people want to be reassured that 'something is being done.' I think a mixture of tough talk with rigid respect for civil liberties might be just what the city needs. As Street is fond of reporting, shootings and petty crime are down across the city. And murders, as I'm constantly pointing out at malcolmxpark, though they were pretty bad for the first part of the year, have subsequently drawn even with last year and now even dropped below. I think, more than anything, that "the whole thing is a cyle" but it's a cycle of fear, and that can be mitigated with some reassuring talk from our leadership.

I think it's about economics. During the 90s, things were good and Rendell and Timoney got credit for things they weren't responsible for. Now Street and Johnson get blame for things they can't control. Since we're probably heading into a pretty bad recession, I wouldn't look for any improvement on the overall crime rate.

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