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October 29, 2007


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Just another case of the church trying to force it's beliefs on the world and useing their enormous power to try and force their way. Talk about dictators.

Between the Church ignoring their pedophile priests and trying to 'effect social change' by taking us back to the Dark Ages when the Church ruled all, they wonder why people are staying away from the Catholic Church in droves. You would think that diminishing numbers of people entering the clergy, and diminishing attendance, the Pope would try to figure out what was wrong, instead of trying to tighten his grasp. "The more you tighten your grasp, the more worlds will slip through..." oh, sorry. Channeling Star Wars but you get the idea.

When are they going to learn that your religion is your religion, and that's fine, but stop trying to make it my religion. If you disagree with abortions, don't have one, but don't tell me I can't have one because of your religious beliefs.

Don't listen to the Church, they DO NOT teach the bible and just make it look ridiculous. As for the pedophile priests, just a good reminder of how important it is not to listen to what they say, rather read the bible yourself. And then
let each man decide for him self.

What some of you viewers fail to realize is our tax paying money should not go to support abortion. Don't you see that abortion is killing life. If anyone is forcing there opinion it is the people who support abortion and gay marriage. The reason why people are leaving the church is because they want to choose what's best. That is why the world is in chaos. If you cannont understand that abortion is the killing of life and having sex with another of the same sex is immoral.

I often wonder why people argue so much about taxes supporting or not supporting abortion, when so much tax money is killing thousands of people who are already in the world. Tax money supports military aggression and this is far more distressing to me than abortion, which is a personal matter. People do not agree on whether or not abortion is "murder" but there is something we all agree on - killing another person with a weapon is murder, and it's being paid for and supported daily in numerous parts of the world. Let's stop worrying about other people having sex, which is none of anyone else's business if it's consensual, and think about what we are really responsible for in our world!!

The world is over populated as it is, a marriage between consensual adults is not an issue. The church should be a haven for every human being instead a den of …

"Okay, first of all, Your Assholeyness, emergency contraception is just that - contraception - and has nothing to do with fucking abortion..."

FYI, "emergency contraception" refers to the morning-after pill, which is the same as abortion if there has been conception - it terminates the pregnancy, or aborts the baby. What do you not understand about this?

"The Pope demands you kiss his ring and then tithe."

Really? I never heard the Pope "demand" anything. He serves God and humanity in humility and truth, teaching the way of Jesus Christ which is the only way any of us will ever find lasting peace or happiness in this world. The Catholic Church welcomes all us sinners, no matter what horrible, unspeakable things we have done, and asks only that we have a desire to turn away from sin and our selfishness and TRY to lead better lives (caring for all others as well as ourselves), which it will help us to do, never expecting that we be perfect but loving us and helping us no matter how many times we fail.

People hate the Catholic Church for two reasons: either out of ignorance (they listen to the lies and distortions of others instead of taking responsibility and educating themselves about the true nature of the Church by taking a good, thorough look at its 2000+ year-old history) or because they are too attached to their sin and too selfish to try to become better people.
The priests who have caused the Church so much pain and billions of dollars are mere men as susceptible to sin as you or I and attacked much more fiercely and relentlessly than we will ever be by Satan and his forces and followers. Still, the percent of pedophiles in the priesthood is far less than the percent of pedophiles in the general population.

The true Catholic Church, which was founded by Jesus Christ himself, is only interested in promoting the teachings of its Founder. If you have a problem with the Church, then your problem is really with Christ and His teachings and your unwillingness to give up the sins you love so much. The Catholic Church will always be attacked viciously by such people, But in the words of JC Himself, "...the gates of hell will not prevail against it." And they have been trying for over 2000 years now.

FYI, "emergency contraception" refers to the morning-after pill, which is the same as abortion if there has been conception - it terminates the pregnancy, or aborts the baby. What do you not understand about this?

It's you who are misinformed. EC is a large dose of contraceptive hormones. EC does not terminate a pregnancy, it prevents ovulation, or if ovulation has occurred, reduces the chance of fertilization. You have your facts wrong.

People hate the Catholic Church for two reasons ....

There's at least one more: Because the Catholic Church is an irresponsible, power- and money-crazed organization that tries to use its clout with its followers to force governments to impose Catholic belief on non-Catholics.

Wow Veronica you have really drunk the Kool-Ade. Do you really justify the pedophiles in a holy order ordained and presumably supervised by your god by saying they are no worse than the general population. I thought they were priests precisely because they were chosen by god to be better. Either god made the error in picking them or they fooled the omniscient one. Now which is it?

No matter what good the Church may have done or is doing, or what "JC" (I'm referring to email above) said, the men in positions of authority and responsibility in Rome have not taken responsibility for the widespread abuse that so many priests have committed. Where I live, there were residential schools that took children away from their families, abused them in many ways and created so much pain that it has lasted for generations. People want the Church to admit to failing the public in refusing to deal with these crimes, and allowing the priests to simply move when they were found out,and keep abusing in new places. There were so many instances of this, that what is truly needed is to have reparations in the form of admission, apology, and efforts toward healing. The pope and his crowd may or may not be holy, who knows, but he and the ones before him have failed to deserve the trust that they expect. True Catholics would want the truth and reparations, not to make excuses for such extreme wrongdoing.

When folks can't make reasonable criticisms they resort to childish scatology and name calling. I believe any history will contain lots of disagreable instances of ignorance or malice. When using newsprint to surface such issues why not present logical points of disagreement or use parody or satire to voice opposition. The article above loses its force because the author cannot find the creativity or competence to develop an idea. Rather language is used to shock and emotionally stupify instead of offer valid argument.

The church and its pedophile priests, the total destruction of three civilizations, annihilation of all records of there societies. The pope needs to clean up the churches act first. South America lost whole civilizations because of the church. The pope should apologize and make restitution.

This church had a long history of supporting the Nazi's during WWII. They never backed off and now they hold a huge collection of stolen artifacts taken from the Jews. How does this happen??? Now the church is run by a confirmed Nazi??? Hmmmmm.

Pope Benedict Arnold and his fascist regime from the middle ages, tucked away in Italy, still thinks that the people in America, should follow his narrow minded and misguided announcements!

His Church is on the verge of extinction and He thinks he can still influence the citizens of other countries.

Is it any wonder that the Catholic Churches in France and Spain are now museums.

Why anybody would listen to a man who wears Prada shoes when Christ was barefoot is beyond me.

What a truly stipid article. No doubt Dan Brown would be proud of such scholarly work.

Not surprised that those hate filled Gays and Feminists think this was a informitive piece. When your mind is filled with hate you'll believe anything written against those you hate.

Oh yeah, "Mithras" LOL

I was raised Catholic. Out of all the priests, nuns, congregation. There have only been two actual Catholics who have ever treated me with dignity and acceptance. I knew them in the 4th grade. I have read the bible. If you truly hear the Word, you will hear that we are to love God first and love one another as we love ourselves. We read in the bible that Jesus dined with the sinners. God made us out of his image and he gave us a CHOICE. God has the power to make us all clones and give us all the same mind, to make us all praise and glorify His name in the blink of an eye. God and Jesus gave us the CHOICE. They also said "THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE". The Pope has no right under God to JUDGE anyone. The pope is a mere MORTAL. He is exactly like you and better, no worse. The Catholic Church hoards great wealth. Is this Godlike? Is this what Jesus preached? The Catholic church shows no compassion. The Catholic church allows it's priests, whom they will not allow to marry in order to procreate and bear more believers for God's army, to get away with raping CHILDREN!! Oh, what? Father so and so did that? OK, we'll, just send him to another blood you know! HELLO!!!??? anybody out there????
In closing, Jesus said, " You will know them by their works." Enough said.

"The true Catholic Church, which was founded by Jesus Christ himself, is only interested in promoting the teachings of its Founder."
Where is it said that Jesus( a Jew) founded the Catholic church?

Of course the Catholic church is against abortion......each baby born is fresh meat for their sick and perverted priests.

What a waste of time. Arguing about a book written by humans who think they know something about the world. Is it so hard to accept that not everybody believes as you do nor should they have to abide by your moral teachings? If religion and the gods are so great, then why do so many do such horrible deeds in their names? Of course, find a way to exonerate religion and blame it on man. And so goes the endless cycle. One day religion will be cast in the same light as astrology and alchemy. Only then will It not be embarrassing when we claim to be an intelligent species.

I'd rather kill my child/newborn than see him grow up to be raped and molested by a priest!

Using a discussion about morning after pills to tote out the hate concerning priest's sexual abuse of minors is like like arguing about War and Peace on the IMD message board for the War of the Roses. I personally am not Catholic, don't believe in most of the Catholic doctorines, practices or ideals, but I whole heartedly agree with the argument. If I decide to have a baby rather than terminate based on morale beliefs, I won't ask you to help me raise my baby so don't ask me to help you kill yours. And no that isn't a religious point of view, it's a morale one. You don't have to believe in a higher power to have a sense of right and wrong. If you don't want to have a baby because you will have to give up your freedom, because you don't want to have spend money on diapers instead of alcohol, or art supplies or a payment on VW beetle, or because it will distract you from school or career than don't f#^k! .....and if you don't know that babies come from f#^king then you need to be more worried about your sex education classes than the Catholic Church defending my right as an individual to refuse to be part in handing out abortions in a pill to the moraly defunct, self centered teens and 20 somethings who have no concept of taking resposiblity for thier own actions. By the way, I don't care that the morning-after-pill is scientifically not officially an abortion. Arguing the science won't change my beliefs anymore than telling me my favorite blue sweater is OFFICIALY not blue but instead closer to Indigo on the light spectrum. Its still my favorite damn sweater and I still love the color!

FYI- My apologies to those who became pregnant from rape or molestation, I truely feel that rape is a more horrific crime than murder. However I don't believe that being raped gives you the right to walk out on a play ground and shoot a toodler, either. Sorry, life is hard sometimes, barely ever fair and never the way you thought it would be. To the rest of you who hand out your "freedom to choose" speech likes its cotton candy at a fat camp, how about sharing a little bit of that freedom to choose with those of us who choose the other side?

JustAnotherMe wrote: "If I decide to have a baby rather than terminate based on morale beliefs, I won't ask you to help me raise my baby so don't ask me to help you kill yours."

I would never ask anyone to help me abort a baby. I am atheist, one of the apparrently few who realize that life does indeed begin at conception. While I oppose abortion (and even have a compromise in mind, if the medical community got the materials and funding it would be possible), I am heartily in favor of contraception.

JustAnotherMe also wrote: "I don't care that the morning-after-pill is scientifically not officially an abortion."

It isn't. Preventing conception is NOT abortion. Life begins AT conception, not before. Sperm and eggs are genetically pre-programmed bundles of DNA, not life-forms.

I was a Catholic...but out of all the religions on this earth. The Vatican has the largest "Gay Country Club" in the world with its
Priests, and higher Clergy. They have backed and funded this
private club for centuries! How dare them to talk about Family issues, and morality..when they consistently pay out hush money
to a parish to keep things under wraps! I will read my own Bible and the Gospel at times and draw my conclusions..I don't need the Catholic Church to defend my Faith in God.

Jesus didn't found anything. After his death a couple of his disciples founded the church and then had visions (interpret that any way you wish) in which he voiced his approval. Don't you love when people, in order to try to make an emotional arguement sound rational, quote scripture incorrectly?

Ok, I really feel I need to get in on this argument about the morning after pill and religion and such.

First of all I don't believe that pharmacists should have the right to bring their religious beliefs in to the workplace. They chose that profession, they agreed to carry out all that that entails. If they cannot handle that then they need to find a new profession.

Secondly, a couple of years ago I became increasingly turned off to organized religion and all that goes with it. I was in college and learning more and more. The thing that really bothers me is that I was taught that God loves all people no matter what, and that in the end He will be the final judge of who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. In all my years of attending church I have never heard of God appointing mortals to become the judges of our society. But that is precisely what has happened. It angers me to no end that there are people in this world that are so filled with hate towards gays and others that do not have the same beliefs that they do. And all of this is being carried out in the name of God. I think it's great that people have their beliefs and that they can feel so strongly about them. But that's where it needs to stop. God is the decider, not you, not me, and not George Bush. Church is for everyone, Jesus never turned down a sinner he welcomed them with open arms and we should do the same.

Just another article meant to stir up the liberals. The headline alone destroys the person credibility. The writer needs to show a little class and be little more respectful to the readers and clergy. I'm not Catholic, but let's show some class and more professionalism.

Closed minded liberals attacking the church, misleading the public and spreading fear. I bet you won't find anything positive about the Christian faith from this writer. For the brainwashed the Church is Evil and they want to control everyone. They wants us to believe the world would be so nice and so great if the Church would stop being a Church in society.

People have the right to be offended if they are to take part in anyone's death or murder.

If you want to kill people, that's your thing. But not everyone holds your view. When it come to Abortion, if your not trying to save the mother life, then you shouldn't do it. Some people have a conscience.

Abortion = murder
Abortion = Choice to kill/capital punishment

This writer even bring up Nazi in the article about the Catholics trying to incite anger anyway possible. There enough wrongs to go around. You can not judge the faith on acts of a few.

Latin Homecoming for Catholic Priest

Una Voce Carmel
November 30, 2007
Link to original

Latin Homecoming for Catholic Priest

LAFAYETTE, Ind., Nov. 30, 2007 – On Sunday, Dec. 9, Roberto Cano is coming home to St. Boniface, the church of his youth.

The son of Augusto and Rita Cano and graduate of Central Catholic High School in Lafayette, Roberto is returning as Father Cano, FSSP, ordained to the priesthood in November by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.

But this will be no ordinary homecoming. It will be extraordinary, as in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite.

When Father Cano ascends the altar of St. Boniface to celebrate a Solemn High Mass on that second Sunday of Advent, the sanctuary will be filled with sights and sounds not seen there, or in any other Catholic church in Lafayette and most of the diocese, for nearly four decades. Currently, this rite of Mass is only offered once a week on Tuesday evenings at St. Mary’s in Muncie.

Unlike most young men who discern a call to the priesthood and attend a diocesan seminary, Father Cano’s vocation led him to Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska. This seminary is run by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right established by Pope John Paul II in 1988, to provide priests for those Catholics wishing to participate in the traditional liturgy of the Catholic church, as well as other forms of prayer and popular piety, that existed for centuries before the innovations of the 1960s and 70s.

Until recently, a special permission, called an indult, had to be granted to a priest by the local bishop before he could celebrate what is commonly referred to as the “Latin” or “Tridentine” Mass in a parish church. This restriction was lifted when Pope Benedict XVI issued the apostolic letter, in the form of ‘motu proprio’, “Summorum Pontificum” last July, which designated this older form of the Catholic liturgy, parts of which date back to the time of the Apostles, as the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, while maintaining the Missal of Pope Paul VI, issued in 1970 and generally said in English, as the ordinary form of Mass celebrated in most parishes. This document also guarantees the right of any layperson to request the extraordinary form of Mass from their parish priest or bishop, and of any priest to celebrate it privately or publicly without explicit permission from their bishop, as long as they are trained to do so.

As most priests in the diocese do not yet have the necessary experience with the extraordinary form of Mass, a number of seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary and the Fraternity’s North American headquarters in Scranton, Pennsylvania will travel to Lafayette to act as deacon and sub-deacon for Father Cano’s Mass, as well as to help direct the choir, which will perform Gregorian chant and polyphonic music.

For those accustomed to attending Mass in English, missals will be available that will provide the prayers of the Mass in both Latin and English.

Mass will start at 12:30 p.m. at St. Boniface with a free public reception to follow, the highlight of which will be Father Cano providing his first blessing to all in attendance.

“I’m very thankful to Father Timothy Alkire, the pastor of St. Boniface, for his many years of support and inviting me to return to the parish to offer this Solemn Mass.” said Father Cano.

Members of Una Voce Carmel, a lay organization advocating greater use of the extraordinary form of Mass and other sacraments within the diocese, also will be available.



Michael Hughes
Webmaster, Una Voce Carmel
(317) 313-1581
[email protected]

Scott Arbuckle
President, Una Voce Carmel
(317) 581-0315
[email protected]
Pax Christi,

12/11/07 Follow-up:
Attending the Latin Mass on 12/9, Father Cano had over 1000 souls attending from all parts of Indiana causing over crowding in the church and large donations for additional Latin Masses.

God Bless Father Timothy Alkire for not only his approval, but his participation in the Latin Mass making this 1st Latin Mass a huge success.

I love it! Keep putting down the church! You're all going to Hell anyways so what's a lil more sin added on to your sentence? Haha!

"South America lost whole civilizations because of the church. The pope should apologize and make restitution"

I think we can comp the Pope on the Aztecs. Not one of the better civilizations humanity has ever come up with.

I want to get back to the original posting that prompted this thread of comments, none of which address the two issues the writer raised: (1) the ability of religious conscientious objectors to refuse to participate in dispensing drugs which will be used, in the objectors' view, to kill innocent life. In Oregon another wrinkle has been added, whether a pharmacist can refuse to fill orders for drugs used in assisted suicide if s/he believes that filling the order would constitute participation in a sinful act. (2) The pope's beatification of Catholic religious murdered during the Spanish Civil War.

When we had the military draft, we routinely allowed conscientious objectors to remain out of uniform. Such people needed to prove that their moral objections were genuine, such as showing their devotion to a faith which forbade its members from fighting in wars. One such religion is Seventh Day Adventism. The Adventists, in fact, supplied persons to train as medics. If we can tolerate this conscientious objection to killing people in war, why can we not allow the conscientious objection of pharmacy personnel to distributing life-ending drugs?

The objection of the writer to the Pope's beatification of Catholic priests and nuns murdered in Spain is ignorant and absurd. You can talk all day long about Catholic Church abuses in many areas. However, there is historical agreement that the Republican forces killed about six thousand priests and nuns in Spain simply because the victims were Catholic religious. (You can get more details at the Wikipedia article on the Spanish Civil War.) The Catholics supported the Nationalists because the Republicans were hell-bent on suppressing the Church; they murdered the priests and nuns; and, they destroyed church buildings. The Republicans even desecrated graves of Catholic clergy. Republican policy was clearly aimed at abolishing the Catholic Church in the country.

Catholic theology holds that persons who are murdered for their faith are entitled to sainthood. The beatification rite is the first step in the process of canonization. As the victims can be identified, the Church is merely proclaiming their martyrdom.

So, what's wrong with that?


Apples and oranges. Conscientious objectors were exempted from being drafted, i.e., forced, to join the army, where they would wind up killing people. No one's being drafted to become a pharmacist. No one's getting sent to jail for refusing to become a pharmacist. The pharmacist refusers are more akin to a CO who wants to join the police force and yet be exempt from ever having to use violence or weapons to subdue a criminal. Sorry, if your beliefs conflict with your job, you have to find another job.

Most clear thinking normal people of the world simply can not wait for the day when instead of a small percentage of people left its NO PEOPLE That listen or simply give a mushy crap about what some freakazoid with a funny hat has to say !
Who cares what the Pope or any of the other weirdos in the RCC say or think ?
Could anything be less relevant in the year 2007 ?
I mean they can't send freaks to your house & have you tortured/murdered anymore so now that they have lost that power we should treat them as they deserve , Either by completely ignoring them or (My personal Favorite) by ridiculing & making jokes about them !!
Look -These are grown men in Clown Suits that pretend to not have or need sex !

May I point out to those who claim that use of emergency contraceptive is murder that by, in effect, preventing a pregnancy that is yet to begin (as these medicines in fact do) we have the same affect as... say... not having sex.

So by this argument, I should have sex constantly with every girl I meet, capable of conception, in order to insure that I am not ending a human life by not taking the opportunity to let it begin.

Sounds like a lovely contradictory argument to me.

On the topic of, well the topic of the article: organised religion has no place outside of it's followers. It should have NO sway on politics, the work place, etc. Personal faith with standing of course but I suppose many will argue that they rigorously follow everything they are told to believe by said organised religion regardless of any real sense. (for example: God loves all men... except gays...)

GO CATHOLICISM! WE LOVE YOUR CONTRADICTION. Nothing like a good chuckle at the crazy pope following lot, eh?

Just another example of the church running amuck and they cann't even clean up their own mess and after all they waged war in an effort to spread their love. Why doesn't the church follow what Jesus taught and why donot the churches use their wealth to solve the more important problems in the world? Such as war, sickness, and famine.

Disgusting racism. Your hatred for all that is is good and all that is holy makes you no more than a minion of the devil. As your final sin on earth, please kill yourself.

Thanks for sharing! But who are you talking to?

Put the German shepard to sleep.

Is that code for "Benedict should be murdered"? Clever. Extremely creepy, but clever.

Observant pharmacists have rights that are equal to anyone else's. They should make arrangements for someone else to provide certain products if they cannot do it, for conscience sake. That way everyone's rights are protected.

The only acceptable arrangement is one that does not delay the woman getting the medication (or treatment) she needs. Otherwise, any medical professional who refuses to render needed medical treatment or dispense prescribed medication should be fined and have their license suspended or revoked.

Finally the Catholic church is doing something right!

Love it!! I just love it when ignorance speaks, especially when it speaks LOUDLY. Your comments about pharmacists and the Pope are priceless.

Priceless not because they are correct or erudite, but because (1) your crude way of expressing yourself. This gutter-groveling way of speaking, repetitive use of swear words, simply betrays your lack of an intelligent vocabulary. (2) You speak as a pundit but your words reveal an angry bigot on a frustrated rampage.

I feel so sorry for you.

All I have to say is how professional I found it that the writer of this article swore several times. Nice work with your eloquent argument:)

Fuck you, Hannah and Pwatch! And thanks for sharing.

Methinks Mithras protesteth too much,


ok wow so this article was really mean. im offended by you mithras. ur a fucking douche. i totally 100% agree with jamey. hey mithras maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass then you'd a. would be so ignorant and b. would see the truth

When I was growing up, most of my friends were Catholic. They ignored the rules of the church that they didn't agree with, especially premarital sex. They didn't seem to feel much guilt about it. Sadly, one friend got pregnant and had a child when she was 17. She did marry the father and looking back on it, how funny it was to see this very pregnant teenager in the white dress with the big church wedding. What was not funny to see was what a lousy mother she was. She was simply too young. The last time that I saw her, her little 3 year old was mothering her.

Lately, I have observed a Catholic church that is increasingly sexist and intolerant. The priesthood is stunningly dysfunctional and the church hierarchy would do anything for money. Over the years, I have watched its truly devout, spiritual women treated abominably. While their children simply leave the church, they continue to hope for change from within. I believe that they need to let their children lead them. The only way to fix the church is to leave it, en masse. No more pleading for equal treatment. Take your money, time, energy, compassion, and deep spirituality and give it to a more tolerant (i.e., Christ like) church. Believe me, when the money dries up, the Catholic church will change its ways. Hopefully, by then you will have found a better church, one that values your voice and honors your contributions.

The catholic church has always supported those in power in governments, as it seeks to be government.

But its history is abysmal. It's collusion in the crusades poisoned Muslim sociey. By killing upward of 50 million people over 600 yrs Societies have long memories, and one of the resuls was 9/11.

It, tied in with corrupt kings etc, was part of endless European wars.

It gave the world the hatred of the Jews. Which hitler leveraged into total power, and resulted in WWII. BTW, hitler was a catholic, grew up in Cath. Austria.

Estimates range from 10,000 to 90000 were murdered during the inquistition. Part of the churches wars on science. And many of those killed were priests etc who dared to challenge the criminality of the church.

I wasn't aware of the church having sided with Franco. But, hey, dictators sometimes love dictators. It is all about power and money and CONTROL.

And their hidden for decades love of abusing the youth in their care should be reason enough to bulldoze every catholic church. And it wasn't the fault of the gays. The abuse was just like prison rape - Supermacho guys establishing their power by humiliating weaker people. Same thing for the church priests, and yes bishops etc.
And they have the dirty nerve to blame the gays.

Amd why didn't they just throw out the perpetrators of their henious crimes, instead of shipping them off somewhere else and allow them to continue their crimes? BEcause the rot reaches all the way to the top.

And they get their obediance / brainwashing by starting with little kids, terrorizing them with hell if they don't confess and kiss the churches ass. And promise life everafter if the kids submit. The kids, at far to early an age to be able to question the church, call their lies tell their parents what aa monster the church is. Eventually the kids forget the details of the church promises and terrorisms, but the brainwashing remains in the subconscious, ready to reject anything at all that contracdicts the church, it becomes an emotional reaction.

And they think that abortion is their trump card. Based on their history, the church itself should be aborted out of existence.

Oh, btw, decades of church abuse of kids in reform schools and orphanages just came to light. Not only was their sexual abuse, but kids were forced to work long hours for nothing, in cold quarters, barely fed, making rosaries etc. $175 mil paid out, expected settlements are 10x more.

And who did they elect as pope - someone who grew up in nazi germany, and learned his trade there - a trade of absolute control, mixed with maniacal desire for absolute power. There are even analogies to Saddam in his personality.

And life - yeh, sure. Telling Africans that they shouldn't use condoms. In a continent with 23 million AIDS cases, and babies born infected. The church cares more about having more brains to pollute and more 'believers', then it does in life.

Lots more, but that is some of the key highlights of church love.

And they always had to have someone to hate - be they Muslims, Jews, and now of course the gays.

Oh,btw, after WWII the church gave passports to many nazi officials to go to Argentina. Part of the cause of bombings of Jewish Temples back during Peron's day - another fascist dictator.

In the Name of Jesus and God

My whole family is out of there. You all should be also. We don't believe in any of their silly threats, and if there is a heaven, we hope to be in the stadium, watching the wretched monsters of the church going to Gods re-education camp.

We have a choice : to live in a modern world, not one of lies, superstitions, murder and rape of children .

And to always see some group - now it is the gay people. People blamed for being who they are.

People who the church uses to blind the eye and harden the heart to the other abuses of the church.

We have become a Quick Fix World with no Conscience? In these matters it is upon the individual and he/she has the right to decline? However then another pharmecist will take over in his/her place? So what is the point? Abortion is Choice and then after that God is the Judge and since none of has spoken to him personally we cannot say one way or the other how he is going to react if someone aborts, or takes a quick fix? The moral issue is important here? I am tired of the Maury Povich Show for one? Trying to find the fathers of these children with mothers that had them for what?????
Not a reflection on the child? DUH? Who is kidding who here? Yes it is a direct reflection on that child! Twenty years from today are we going to hand he/she, the keys to the City for being an unwanted child? Come on now? This is the point? We are all suffering in these times? Any irresponsible woman that has an unwanted pregnancy is shameful! Especially those who don't know who the Father is? I am not talking about a Rape Victim either? We are not a rich country and child abuse and adult abuse of the elderly is on the RISE due to the poverty stricken situations in the deprived areas as well as other areas of means? These are a depressing times? And that means Trouble in the homes? Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Medical Problems, NO JOBS? Then there will be more and more tragedies? Why bring more children into this HEll HOLE?

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