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August 13, 2007


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When I've tried to put a hyperlink in your particular blog in the past, the comment interface has stripped the HTML and not permitted it. After a couple of tries, I would just give up and paste a big gnarly URL. It may be that you have turned on a feature that disallows linking by commenters other than yourself. (Or it could be that I haven't followed your instructions.)

Hmm. Really? Works for me.

One thing people forget is the "http://". Or they put the ending slash as a backslash.

Well, of course it would work for you, since you're the blog's author. As for me and other posters, we wouldn't have the same permissions or privileges settings.

Go figure. I guess I wasn't doing it correctly before. For someone who's had a vanity website since 1996, you'd think I'd be a little more savvy.

Yay! Anyway, there are no "author permissions" in typepad (although I can edit comments after the fact from the control panel.)

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