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May 10, 2007


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I have thought from the moment this story broke that these guys are no different from young disenfranchised losers all over the country, sitting around drinking beer and smoking dope and talking about how they're going to fuck up this or that dude. Or make a big score on a drug sale or rob a bank or ... 99% of which comes to nothing. But this is the big scary because these guys were Msulim instead of white. It just goes to prove how ridiculous the whole concept of this war on terror is. This is our big terror moment? ALmost six years of fucking with the Constitution because of some pizza delivery guys whose mouths are writing checks their ass can't cash? Pathetic.

Well, if I had ridden in his cab, and had known he was a terrorist, then ... no tip for him!

These guys remind me of the dudes arrested in Miami almost exactly a year ago for planning to blow up the Sears Tower. I blogged about it at the time, pulling a bunch of arguments out of my ass and concluding that the Miami crowd were the gang that couldn't shoot straight, nothing more than a bunch of disenfranchised young men bragging and shooting the breeze.

The original CNN article I linked to is still there but no longer has a photo.

I never heard any follow-up to that case and a quick google and wikipedia search turns up nothing new.

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