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May 08, 2007


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This is the reason we should vastly reduce immigration to this country. We have enough of these problem children and don;t need anymore.

I am in full agreement with that. When are our political leaders that we have entrusted going to take a tough stand on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTion? No, they are not undocumented workers.We have proof that there are those that are here not only to steal our ID's, bring gang and crime in masses, birth their babies and live off of our welfare system, change our language by refusing to learn English (which cost us jobs) and Suck us completly dry, now we have arreseted those that are here to kill us on our own soil. What futher proof do we need that it is time to seal off our borders to anyone that is coming in this country unless they have been screened to the hilt. I say it is time for a change alright.

But then what will you guys have to talk about?

He is so right. They come here, seduce our women, rustle our cattle, teach our pets to sneer at us, use those tree-shaped auto air fresheners, loosen our shoelaces while we're napping, sneak into our offices and change the font on Microsoft Word to white so that when we type we can't see it, replace our tin foil hats with aluminum foil, and steal our pudding cups right out of the fridge. When will this madness end?

I was wondering what happened to my cattle.

True that these guys don't apprear to have professional terrorist credentials, but to then draw the conclusion that there is no threat misses the point. What happened at VA Tech had nothing to do with islam, but it shows what a sociopath on a mission can accomplish with an assalt rifle. These guys could of done a lot worse. And yes, all of the Jihad sabre rattling against the west is a problem that both the west and mainstream Islam has to do deal with. Like it or not, far too much of the incidents of terrorism in the world today is motivated by Islamic extremists.

And ...? What's the policy prescription here? Profile muslims? Profile immigrants? There was some white American dude who set a bomb outside an abortion clinic in Texas the other week. He's a terrorist. Let's profile the white American guys, too? In both cases the vast majority of the people in the suspect group are innocent.

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